The different ways to smoke and consume cannabis

Though it's usually overlooked, the delivery method is as important as the weed flower itself. Thus, if you’re a newbie or just have experienced one or two ways of consuming cannabis then this article is a must-read. Here we’ll walk you through the most efficient ways to consume weed.

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How to smoke weed properly?

How to smoke marijuana? Actually, there are countless ways to smoke cannabis from smoking to dabbing and vaping, to eating and drinking! Due to the legalization of weed in Spain the number of methods to consume cannabis for feeling the effects expands constantly. Thus, the advice on the delivery methods can be useful not only if it’s your first time smoking weed but if you're limited with experiments.

Don’t know how to get started? Here we are with a quick weed for beginners FAQ that is bound to shed light on the process and help you on your way to getting high.

How to smoke weed for the first time?

  • Learn the laws and choose a safe place for smoking to avoid any paranoia.
  • After you’d join the cannabis club in Barcelona and get some weed/strain.
  • Then choose the delivery method. Grind the cannabis.
    • Get ready not getting high for the first time even if you smoke properly.
    • Make sure that you have enough water and food that you like most of all, you’ll be thankful for that after.
    • Follow the recommendations about the dosage, it’s better to start with a small dose and enhance it further if needed;
    • Stop smoking when you start coughing or have a sore throat, it’ll get worse only.
It’s NOT recommended to start with cannabis concentrates, oils, extracts, they are stronger than flowers!

Can you smoke weed with a filter?

Yes, and it’s a better way of consuming marijuana in terms of your health. Smoking weed without a filter means higher damage for your lungs. Besides, it can prevent burns on your lips or fingers. So, it’s recommended to use filter tips like a cotton filter or so-called roach (the filter you roll with paper or cardboard).

Can you smoke weed without tobacco?

Yes, today there are tons of delivery methods that don’t require using tobacco. Vaping, dabbing, eating, drinking are just a few ways to intake weed without mixing it with tobacco. Choosing one of the ways you can get a pure “high” and flavor.

How to inhale weed properly?

A common misstep of the newbies is holding a cloud of smoke in the mouth without inhaling it. In such a way you can hardly get high if it’s possible at all. The best way to get high and feel the effects is to inhale the smoke.

So, actually, how to inhale smoke? Here are two main things to mind:

  1. Take a deep slow breath, feeling how the smoke gets down and finally feel your lungs. If you don’t feel anything like that, then you’re doing something wrong.
  2. Keep in mind that you need to inhale smoke into the lungs, don’t swallow it into the stomach — it can provoke pains, diarrhea, etc.

How to smoke cannabis?

Currently, there are different ways to smoke weed including but not limited to smoking with joints, blunt, or spliff. Though the variety of methods, the named ways are still the most popular and preferred ones among cannabis enthusiasts over the world. Here are the key issues to know about the delivery methods:

  • A joint is found to be the most standard and common way of intaking cannabis. It’s cheap and easy. Rolling papers plus weed flowers are just needed, a grinder is optional here. It’s a sort of a hand-rolled “cigarette” that is filled with milled marijuana.
  • Smoking a blunt is another popular method of cannabis intake. Joint vs blunt is the same as cigarette vs A blunt is a hollowed-out cigar with milled cannabis inside. Pay attention that cigar papers are made of tobacco leaves and that’s why they contain both nicotine and cannabis.
  • A spliff is the same kind of thing as joints. The main difference is that spliffs are filled with both tobacco and marijuana. Thus, get ready to get a different flavor. This delivery method doesn’t suit you in case you hate cigarettes.

How to use hand pipes and bongs for smoking weed?

How to smoke weed without papers? That’s easy with hand pipes and bongs. When talking about pipes, be sure it’s one of the easiest ways to smoke weed. Besides, you can do that on the go because the device is small, portable, compact. They come in different shapes, sizes, styles, formats, both for decoration and functionality. They can be made of various materials — glass hand pipes are the most popular ones.

Bongs are another device for smoking weed to use. They work through a water-filled base and consist of three main parts:

  • a tube;
  • a bowl;
  • a downstem.

Water added works as a filter and cooler for the smoke inhaled by the user. Yet, you’d consider the fact that the water doesn’t filter harmful particles of the cannabis smoke.

What is vaporization?

If you’re interested in how to smoke weed without coughing, then vaping is the answer. The highlight of the delivery method is that vaporizers allow smoking cannabis without combustion. It’s perfect for first-time marijuana users.

Yes, they heat the weed into a vapor instead of burning the flower or concentrates, oils, etc. Besides, you can choose the temperature due to the effects you wish to get. It’s maybe the most efficient way to smoke weed. Get more details about the delivery method in our blog where you’ll find the comprehensive guide on how to vape weed.


What are edibles?

Food and/or drinks that infuse weed flower/oil/concentrate are called edibles. The highlight of the method is that the cannabinoids known as THC are absorbed not through the bloodstream but the digestive system. In its turn, due to the metabolization the user gets the even-more-psychoactive THC. Herewith, you’d be ready to get a different sensation of “high” from the experience to get when smoking/vaping weed. Feel free to review our full guide on edibles and check easy recipes that we prepare for you.

What are the topical methods?

Topical methods are utilized strictly for therapeutic benefits. That’s because topicals are NOT psychoactive. Herewith, if you get some cannabis-infused cream, balm, spray, or lotion expecting to get high, then the great disappointment is yet to come. Topicals are bound to bring localized relief and ease pain, headache, swelling, soreness, muscle aches, etc.

You can make a topical by yourself. All you need is to add the full cannabis extract to any cream, lotion, balm, etc. A few drops of thick oil, which was decarboxylated, is required for the production. The rules of use are the same as for any other cream, avoiding touching your eyes, mouth during, and after applying the topicals.

Different Delivery Methods: Pros and Cons

Having read the article you could make sure that there are tons of delivery methods to choose from. Each way offers its own traits and range of effects to get. However, each method also has its own downsides to meet. Here is a table where top methods of consuming cannabis are overlooked with all pros and cons mentioned.

Delivery MethodProsCons
  • Easy to access;
  • Easy to measure the needed dosage;
  • Fast-acting;
  • A cost-effective way;
  • Health effects;
  • Harsh on the lungs;
  • Burns the throat;
  • Strong smell;
  • A low dose is needed;
  • Fast-acting;
  • Not for beginners;
  • Easy to overdose;
  • Fast-acting;
  • Easy dosing;
  • Lowered health risk;
  • Decreased smell;
  • Discreet and convenient;
  • Easy to use;
  • Cumulative costs;
  • Some devices are not portable;
  • Technology learning curve;
  • No psychoactive effects (doesn’t get you high);
  • Has a localized effect;
  • Can’t be overdosed;
  • No psychoactive effects (doesn’t get you high);
  • Short-term effects;
  • Set in time is individual and vary;
  • Discreet;
  • Harm reduction;
  • Long-lasting effect;
  • Easy to use.
  • Slow set in time;
  • Hard to measure the right dosage.

Where to smoke weed?

So, if you get ready to try cannabis, then you need to know where you can smoke weed legally in Barcelona. Currently, there are about 200 coffeeshops in Barcelona, yet, the best ones are presented here. The high-quality of cannabis in all its shapes and formats offered there is beyond all question.

Besides, becoming a member of the club, you can count on the help of the weed-wise staff that can advise and/or guide you on the different ways of smoking weed and consuming cannabis. That’s important when smoking weed for the first time.


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