4 Main Ways to Consume Weed

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There's no one-size-fits-all approach to consuming cannabis, as different methods have varying effects on the body. The speed and efficiency with which the active ingredients are absorbed can vary depending on the method, so smoking weed will feel different from vaping or eating it. And then there are other factors to consider, like convenience, health effects, and taste.

Let's look at the main ways to consume marijuana:

  • Joints and spliffs: the most traditional way of smoking marijuana;
  • Pipes, bongs, and other smoking devices;
  • Vaping: a healthy way to consume weed;
  • Edibles: a tasty way to try cannabis.

Joints and spliffs: the most traditional way of smoking marijuana

Joints and Spliffs: Smoking Cannabis the Time-Tested Way

Joints are like the go-to way people everywhere smoke weed, you know? You take some shredded cannabis leaves, grind them up in a special paper – that's a joint. Throw in some tobacco, and it's called a spliff.

So, on average, one joint needs about 0.8 grams of cannabis, packing 100-300 mg of THC, the trippy stuff – depends on the strain you got. When you take a hit, only 15-20% of that THC action actually gets into your bloodstream from your lungs.

Now, the high kicks in within 5–10 minutes, gets more intense over the next half-hour, and can stick around for 40 minutes to three hours, depending on what you're smoking, how much, and your own body vibe.

Why do people dig joints and spliffs? They're quick, no need for fancy gear (just a grinder!), and the whole inhaling process is like a little ritual for cannabis fans.

To keep your smoke sesh awesome and safe, remember three simple things:

  • Grind your weed fine – no big chunks. Keeps that joint burning nice and even.
  • Use good paper and a filter – gotta protect those lungs from any weird side effects.
  • Feeling fancy? Toss in a bit of tobacco – about 0.1 g (that's 10%). Some folks swear it makes for a smoother smoke.

What Makes Smoking with Pipes and Bongs Unique?

So, besides the classic joints, you've got a bunch of cool ways to blaze up with different gear. Check these out:

  • Pipes and chillums are the deal for dry smoking. They come in wood, clay, glass, silicone – heck, even ivory! You want portable and stylish? Pipes got you covered, especially if you're into smoking outdoors.
    Now, smoking through a pipe doesn't purify the smoke, but it's the quick and easy route: just toss some shredded cannabis in the bowl, light it up, and you're good to go!
  • Then there's bongs – these special water setups for the wet smoke experience. The water does a double whammy, cleaning and cooling the smoke for a smoother inhale. Plus, you get a decent amount of smoke, which is a win for most smokers.
    And guess what? Bong hits are more effective than joints or pipes – up to 50% of the THC gets into your bloodstream (compare that to dry smoking's 20%). Talk about an upgrade!

Cannabis smoking bong

But wait, there's more! You can also go for hookahs, chillums, gravity bongs (aka "parachutes"), and a bunch of other creative stuff, like DIY setups using bottles, glass bowls, or even fruit. It's a whole world of possibilities.

Why Vaping's the Cool Kid on the Block?

So, you're wondering why vaping's all the rage, huh? When you vape, you're not setting your cannabis on fire – you're heating it up to that sweet spot where THC and CBD turn into vapor and hop into your body. No nasty lung-damaging stuff here, folks. That's why everyone's saying it's the safest way to dive into the cannabis world.

Vape pen

Now, let's talk tools for the trade:

  • Vape pens with those nifty replaceable cannabis oil cartridges – super handy for on-the-go toking!
  • Portable vaporizers – like pens, but cooler. You can refill them with oils, concentrates, wax discs, and dry cannabis. Plus, the good ones have temperature settings, odor blocking, and even self-cleaning features. Fancy, right?
  • Stationary vaporizers – these bad boys are big and made for sharing use. You can tweak the temperature, heating speed, get those strain-specific flavors, and blow clouds of vapor that make the whole inhaling thing a party. The hotshots in this category? The Volcano, and guess what? Some cannabis clubs in Barcelona are giving them out for free!

Here's the kicker: vaping gets THC and CBD into your bloodstream quicker than the old-school dry smoking. Fans swear it gives a more intense and lasting buzz compared to smoking, but science hasn't dived deep into it yet. So, it's the cool kid on the block, and we're all curious about the hype!

Edibles: How Pot-Infused Munchies Mess with Your Body

Okay, let's dive into the wild world of cannabis-infused goodies – cannabis clubs are serving up a smorgasbord of treats! Picture this: baked goods, gummies, marshmallows, sodas, and even butter (yeah, you can whip up your own batch at home – check out our guide).

Baking with cannabis

Now, if the whole smoking scene isn't your jam, but you still want that high, edibles got your back. Pop one of these cannabis treats, and in about an hour, the magic starts. But hold up – it hits harder and hangs around longer than smoking. We're talking 2 to 6 hours of bliss, depending on how much you chow down, your weight, vibes, hormones, and how tight you are with THC.

But, and it's a big but, there's a catch with edibles: while store-bought gummies and butters have a neat THC label, homemade baked goods? Tricky to control that THC dosage – it's easy to get carried away in the kitchen!

And here's a bonus nugget: cannabis treats pack a punch of vitamins C and K, iron, and antioxidants. Who knew getting high could be so nutritious, right?

Carla Gallego
Author — Cannabis enthusiast, researcher and editor of Cannabis Guide Barcelona