How to roll a perfect blunt: A step-by-step guide

In this article, we’re going to observe a common and popular way of consuming cannabis — smoke a blunt. If you’re new at this way of weed intake, here we are with a comprehensive guide for dummies on how to roll a perfect joint with all steps described in detail.

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What is blunt?

Blunt for marijuana users is the same as a cigar for tobacco lovers. It has the same shape, format, and in most cases, it’s rolled in tobacco leaf paper and sometimes in rolling paper. This highlight is what makes it a standout among other ways of intaking cannabis with that specific flavor, smell, burn time, effects, and so on.

Step by step instruction on rolling a blunt

If you’re still eager to try this way of cannabis intake, then let’s overlook the process of rolling a blunt in steps so that even a first time user succeeds in it.

Step 1: Prep everything needed to roll a perfect blunt

The best way to roll a blunt is to prepare everything required for it. It’ll be more than just disappointment to reveal that you miss something that soils your way of getting high. So, here is a quick check-list of must-have things for a perfect blunt rolled.

  • High-quality cannabis strain.
  • Grinder and blade are not obvious, but very recommended, especially for beginners.
  • Cigarillo, cigar, or blunt wrap.

There are a few popular brands of cigarillo and cigar used for the purpose, including but not limited to Phillies, White Owl, Swisher Sweets, and others.

Step 2: Grind it!

When all the components are gathered and ready at your hands, you can get going. First of all, you need to turn the strain into a shake. For that, grind it. There are two ways to do that:

  • Traditional one is by hands;
  • And more efficient — using a grinder.

The second variant is preferred, because it helps maintain a smoother burn, because of the highly consistent grind provided.

Step 3: Prep the wrap for the future joint

A tobacco wrap is a crucial component of the blunt. Nowadays, you can get an already empty wrap or use a cigar or cigarillo. If it’s the latter then you need to crack it with your fingers or use a blade to split it. After that, empty the tobacco from the cigar or cigarillo.

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Step 4: Wet the wrap to make joint rolling easier

Wetting the wrapper is the easiest way to roll the blunt. It's a way to make wrap more pillowy, flexible, and easier to deal with. There are a few ways to do it. The most common ones are:

  • Licking it a little bit;
  • Using tap water and your fingertip — suit best in case you roll a blunt for someone else.

Step 5: Fill the wrap with ground cannabis

After wetting the tobacco leaf with saliva or water, the next step is to fill it with some weed. Usually, one or two grams of marijuana is enough for beginners. In case you’re an experienced user and/or going to share the blunt with somebody, then you can place more cannabis into it. Yet, make certain that it’s possible to properly roll the blunt.

Step 6: Roll it up!

Presently, there are several blunt rolling techniques available:

  • With your hands;
  • Machine rolling.

However, rolling blunts with hands remains a more frequent and widespread way. Thus, just rock the wrap back and forth carefully, using both hands. Shape it into a cylinder and uniform in thickness.

Once it’s packed as well as shaped properly, you need to:

  1. Tuck the wrap under itself;
  2. Moisten the inside of the out edge all the way. See to it that the wrapper completely overspreads the weed inside;
  3. Gently flatten any wrinkles revealed, using your fingers.

When rolling the blunt, if it cracks then you fail on step 4 and wet the wrap not enough.

Step 7: Bake and Smoke

It’s the finish line. All left to do is to bake your blunt. It’s a way to dry the tobacco and hold the seam steady. So, take the lighter and run the flame from one side to another along the seam so your blunt doesn’t go scat when you start smoking it.

Warning! Keep the lighter at bay, DON’T hold it too close!

That’s it! Just light it up and enjoy your cannabis session by inhaling the weed!

Maria Garcia, Cannabis activist and editor of Cannabis Guide Barcelona


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Cannabis activist and editor of Cannabis Guide Barcelona