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Welcome to the isle of marijuana consumption in Europe – Barcelona. With our cannabis map you will definitely find the best associations nearby.
In the interactive map “social cannabis clubs” where members can roll a nice blunt and take their time to smoke weed.
Cannabis clubs are thriving and are becoming more and more popular in Barcelona. In this site you will discover useful information on and prominent cannabis locations of the city.

Weed map of the city

Joining a cannabis club in Barcelona will require an annual membership fee ranging from 20 € to 50 €. But, for the most part, you’ll face with 20 € membership charge.

You don’t need to be a Spanish citizen to join a cannabis club in Barcelona. In fact, there is no law prohibiting foreigners from registering in a cannabis club in Barcelona.

Firstly, it needs in order for the administration of the club can sure you reach the required age (18 or 21). And it is also linked to rules for which clubs must know their members and consider the quantity of how much cannabis is distributed to each person.

Some tips for newcomers

1. Marijuana is legalized for personal use only
2. It is allowed to smoke cannabis only in special “coffee shops” or at home
3. It is prohibited to smoke or possess marijuana in public places
4. Avoid street promoters as this is the first sign that the club is illegal
5. Remember that if a club complies with the law, you will be asked to provide your ID first

Where to find a cannabis club near me?

  1. On the interactive map that shows the best cannabis clubs in Barcelona you can choose the most convenient location. With our cannabis map you will definitely find clubs nearby.
  2. Each club has a card with detailed information and photos. Follow the instructions and join right now.

Map of Barcelona districts