How to become a member of cannabis club

  1. Select a club on our list or weed map.
  2. Click the “Apply for membership” button and complete the form.
  3. Wait for an invitation to arrive at your email address.
  4. Go to the club, show the invitation, and your ID at the reception desk.
  5. Pay an annual membership fee and get your club card.

Map of Barcelona districts

Map of Barcelona districts

Cannabis map of the city

Barcelona has over 200 cannabis clubs operating in different parts of the city and different districts. Where to find a worthy cannabis club just a step away from your location? The best way is to use our Weed Map in Barcelona. The map of Barcelona cannabis clubs provides you with useful information about the cannabis club as the address, sightseeing attractions, landmarks, parks, shops, and other places worth seeing and visiting located near it.

Opening the coffee shop Barcelona weed map, you can not only find the closest clubs to your place but check guests’ reviews, feedback on its service/marijuana products, and other nuances that will help you to make the final decision. Resizing the cannabis map in Barcelona, you can find all the cannabis clubs available right now across the city.

Certainly, our weed map is one out of numerous weed maps of Barcelona available on the net. Yet, here you will get all the nuances and aspects to choose a club that will meet all your needs for the enjoyable pastime to get. We work to add information and create a weed map of Spain with all the best clubs marked there.