• Use our catalog or weed map to choose a cannabis club to visit.
  • Press the “Apply for membership” button and fill out the form. Enter your full legal name. You will get a response message from the club.
  • Go to the club and show your message to the reception desk.
  • Show your ID to identify yourself as a legal adult (18+). Then, complete a quick interview so the club can endorse you.
  • Congratulations, you’re now a member of the cannabis social club!

You don’t have to worry about the safety of your personal data. Clubs spend substantial funds on storage equipment and approach this issue with a great sense of responsibility. This data will not be disclosed to third parties or the government under any circumstances.

If you choose any cannabis club in our catalog or weed map, you won’t have to worry about this.

Among the main signs of a licensed cannabis club are the following:

  • They never advertise publicly.
  • They require you to complete the application process and pay dues.

No, you can’t; сannabis сlubs are open only to members. The closed nature of cannabis clubs is one of the key factors that permit сlubs to meet all the requirements of the Spanish Penal Code, so they can operate without breaking the law.

Only count on cash when you’re going to visit the club. Some clubs accept cards, but you must always be prepared for refusal. Dealing with cash makes the club’s activity much more difficult to track or scrutinize.

Clubs don’t provide any services online. All you can do is choose a club and send a membership request.

Within most clubs’ dispensaries, you can find sensimilla; pre-rolls; hashish; vape pens; different types of extracts: rosin, dry, ice, BHO; as well as different types of edibles.

You can choose different types of cannabis-infused food products, such as cakes and cookies. You can read more about this in our article, Guide to Edible Cannabis.
Сlubs provide free rizla, bongs, grinders, and other smoking accessories. There’s no need to bring your own smoking devices; you will find everything you there.
All strains and products the club has will be presented to you at the dispensary. The budtender will allow you to smell and touch everything he presents.
The main difference between these chemicals, if we talk about their effect on humans, is that THC produces a “high” and CBD does not.

Actually, it would be easier to list similarities between strains than their differences. Cannabis strains differ in myriad respects: color, smell, taste, and type/duration of effects. The budtender will gladly tell you about every aspect of any strain you’re interested in.

  • Indica has a sedative and meditative effect on the human body, bringing complete bodily relaxation and peace of mind. Indica is perfect for taking a relaxing rest after a hard day’s work, relieving stress and nervous tension.
  • Sativa has a cerebral effect on humans. It causes an emotional outburst and reinforces the perception of the outside world. A positive attitude comes, and the body overflows with energy. Sativa awakens creativity and activates communication skills. It can be used in the daytime to carry out routine work.

You can get more information about Indica and Sativa on our blog.

It’s not recommended to use alcohol and cannabis at the same time. When combined, they inhibit the central nervous system, causing the user to lose their focus and become disoriented.