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Do you know that Barcelona is called “New Amsterdam”, being a popular destination for 420 cannabis tourism? Consumption of marijuana is legal and safe here, though not everywhere. Yet, visiting this offbeat place in Europe, you can: grow and use cannabis privately at home or join a cannabis club in Barcelona.

How to become a member of cannabis club

  1. Select a club on our list or weed map.
  2. Click the “Apply for membership” button and complete the form.
  3. Wait for an invitation to arrive at your email address.
  4. Go to the club, show the invitation, and your ID at the reception desk.
  5. Pay an annual membership fee and get your club card.

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Is marijuana legal in Spain?

In a nutshell, according to Spanish law:

  • It is illegal to sell or buy marijuana, hashish, and other cannabis products;
  • It is forbidden to possess/store marijuana and/or its products;
  • It is prohibited to consume marijuana in publicly accessible areas, in open view.

Though the legislative limitations that you need to know, it’s also stated that:

  • It’s legal to grow 2 plants and consume cannabis in the private placement, but in a way that nobody sees you;
  • It’s allowed to become a member of a cannabis club (this is not the same thing as a coffeeshop) and consume cannabis and its products within its walls.

Cannabis clubs: what is it?

Cannabis clubs or as they are commonly called in Spain Associations — Las Asociaciones de Cannabis or Cannabis Social Clubs are non-profit, social and recreational organizations where marijuana is grown with a donation to be shared and consumed strictly among the members.

The only access to the club are members: these are organizations private and closed to other people. Membership is granted: only if you are sponsored by an existing member of the association or endorsed by the club itself.

That means you can’t just walk in off the street without an invitation — you’ll be rejected. This is an important difference between Spanish cannabis clubs and the public coffeeshops in Amsterdam.

Why is membership necessary?

It seems like it is rather complicated, but in fact, it is much simpler than it first appears. Formalities like invitations, referral of existing members and club memberships are necessary measures to be in line with the strict requirements of the law.

In general, the process of acquiring marijuana in a club is the same kind of bargain as in the format of an Amsterdam coffee shop, except for one important difference. There is no concept of selling/buying, only in terms of willing membership contributions. Thus, here it’s awkward to use the word “buy”, instead say “get”, “have”, or “try”.

Joining the club, you pay a yearly membership fee, which is commonly 20€. If you’d like to get 1 gram of marijuana, an additional donation of 10-15€ for strains and up to 50€ for extracts and concentrates is needed.

FAQ on cannabis clubs
ID is always requested for both new and already registered members for age verification: to confirm that you are an adult of 18 or 21. It’s also necessary to comply with the KYC (know your customer) rule, the clubs must verify your identity before granting membership and/or letting you in. For the same reason, the club will ignore any of your attempts to find out anything by phone or email, all the questions will be answered at the reception desk — everything is eyes only and after you provide your ID/passport.

In order to become a member of the cannabis club, it is not obligatory to be a resident of Spain or a citizen of Barcelona, indeed, membership is allowed to anyone, including tourists and city visitors. Very rarely, you could be asked for your residential address. Provide the address of the hotel, apartment, or any other place you are staying in Barcelona: no one is going to check it.

There is only one restriction that regards the legal adult age limit. Usually, you’re to be 21+ years old, yet, there are some clubs that accept people aged 18 or over. You should specify this information beforehand. Also, you have to provide your identification card to enter, because they won’t let you in without your ID, while a passport or a driver’s license with your photo works fine as well. Student ID, scanned copies, photos from the phone, etc. will not be accepted.

No, cannabis clubs are only open to registered members. Being strictly regulated and controlled by the government, weed cafes are closed and member-only organizations. The closed format of the establishments is one of the key terms that allow them to operate within the laws of Spain and create that most valuable and memorable authentic experience for the guests.
The price varies from club to club in Barcelona: the annual membership fee can be as high as 50€. Generally, membership costs about 20€ per year. Keep in mind that the clubs do not accept payments via credit/debit card, so make sure to come with cash prepared.
In general, only the free access to the cannabis club for 12 months, and that’s it. Anything you get from the dispensary is charged separately. Also note that it’s not common to haggle in clubs.

Okay, I’m inside, what’s next?

The general rules are simple: don’t bother anyone and be positive. After all, a cannabis club is a place to relax and recreate. That is safe and legal, and there is no reason for you to worry. The majority of clubs have a chill-out atmosphere. Hustle, rush, and loud conversations can disturb other guests. Respect other people’s privacy and just enjoy the relaxing vibe. If you want to take pictures, please first ask the staff whether it is allowed in the club or not.

Can I expect to get help to choose a strain?

So-called cannabis dispensaries are counters or bars with various weed products available. Hence, in the dispensaries, a budtender (aka bartender in the usual bar) will greet you. Be sure that he/she will gladly tell you about all the strains and extracts in the assortment, advise something to suit your mood, and offer to taste the smell of most everything that is on offer.

Can I take marijuana with me out of the club?

It is okay to leave a club under the influence of cannabis. However, possession and use of cannabis outside of the establishment are illegal. If you don’t have time to use all of your weed at the club, we recommend leaving it there for safekeeping and consuming it on your next visit. It’s a risk to take it with you. Yet, if you still decide to take cannabis with you, hide it in your undergarments. If you are stopped and subjected to a search, the police can’t make you undress completely — they need a warrant to do that.

glass bottle with marijuana buds
Besides the wide space and relaxing atmosphere, the menu of most clubs always includes: sinsemilla (indica, sativa, hybrid), pre-rolls (joints, spliffs), hashish, different kinds of extracts/concentrates/wax, products for vape pens, different smoking gadgets and tools, all kinds of delicious marijuana edibles (cookies, gummy bears, lollipops, etc.), and many more.
Yes. Unlike coffeeshops, cannabis clubs allow their members to smoke cigarettes.
Yes, it happens, but rarely. Due to routine bureaucratic procedures, the club could temporarily stop or limit the registration of new members. Don’t take the rejection personally and try sending your application to another association on our list, using our Barcelona weed map with all the best clubs marked and which are near your location.
It’s essential that you wonder how the associations keep and use the private data of its members. There is no need to worry about the security and privacy of your personal data. All cannabis clubs are very responsible and spend a large part of their budget on the protection and storage of their members’ private and personal details. Under no circumstances does the club share its members’ sensitive and personal data with third parties, including legal authorities, membership data is disclosed by court order only.

You can be invited to a “coffeeshop” or a “cannabis club” directly on the street in Barcelona. Mind that such offers are illegal: private cannabis clubs have no right to advertise and use promoters on the streets. Stay away from street promoters and ignore such offers, especially in the city center. Since there’s a legislative alternative, it’s a matter of your safety because very marginal elements are doing so.

The black market offerings can be divided into two types: buy marijuana directly on the street or proceed to a fake “cannabis club”, which has nothing in common with real social clubs. In both cases, you will get very low-quality marijuana and potential problems with the police and law (acting in this way, you get involved in drug trafficking). Don’t push your luck, choose legal smoking clubs with a strong reputation only.

Cannabis social club, cannabis cafe, weed club or coffeeshop — such a variety of names can confuse. Before everything else, all the establishments provide cannabis products yet in different countries, states, and cities thus they differ a lot in the way they operate.

Cannabis Social Clubs are closed non-profit organizations in Spain that are only accessible to members and regulated by the authorities and government.

Coffee shops are places in the Netherlands (Amsterdam), where cannabis is openly sold in small amounts for personal use only. Though it’s open cannabis stores, there are some rules to mind: minors are not allowed (legal adults of 18 or 21 years old only); ID/passport is a must; it is permitted to come twice a day to the same coffeeshop; maximum 5 g of weed per day is allowed; alcohol, cigarettes, and hard drugs are forbidden.

Cannabis cafes are regulated locations in the USA, where adults of 21+ can openly consume cannabis products in a restaurant-style atmosphere. Herewith, it’s a blend of dispensaries (places to get weed by prescription) and restaurants, where guests can order food and consume marijuana (vape, smoke, eat, etc.) legally.

Weed clubs (or weed shops) is a slang expression used to define all the cannabis establishments in the cannabis culture that are described above in the article.

Inside Barcelona's Cannabis Clubs: How It WorksInside Barcelona's Cannabis Clubs: How It Works

Our website will guide you through the local cannabis cafe, help you get a membership even in hotspots places with high-quality weed products and prepare you for your first visit.

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