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This site is a comprehensive source of information regarding all cannabis clubs in Barcelona. You will find all pieces of knowledge that you may want to gather about the Barcelona cannabis club culture in our articles and guides.

Our team always stays in touch with the local cannabis community and coffee shops representatives of Barcelona, so we are always caught up with the current events and share them in our blog. Depending on your needs, you can delve deeper and study questions you have in detail, or find concise step-by-step instructions and advice on how to behave and avoid tourist traps. Welcome!

5 steps how to join cannabis club in Barcelona

  1. Pick the cannabis club you would like to visit in our catalog or on the map.
  2. Press “Apply for membership” button and fill in the form. Enter the correct name and surname (as it is in your ID). Then you will get an e-mail from the club.
  3. Go to the club, ring the doorbell and show the e-mail you have received to the receptionist.
  4. Show your ID to verify you are a legal adult (18+). Then complete a quick interview to get approved by the club.
  5. Make a payment for your annual membership. Congratulations, now you are a member of the cannabis social club!

Joining a cannabis club in Barcelona will require an annual membership fee ranging from 20 € to 50 €. But, for the most part, you’ll be charged a 20 € fee.

You don’t need to be a Spanish citizen to join a cannabis club in Barcelona. In fact, there is no law prohibiting foreigners from registering at a cannabis club in Barcelona.

The club administration needs to be sure that you are above the required age (18 or 21). It is also done to follow the rules, according to which clubs must know their members and consider the quantity of cannabis distributed to each person.

What is a cannabis social club?

As a phenomenon, cannabis social clubs or, as they are called in Spain, Las Asociaciones de Cannabis, have emerged in the early 1990s. These are non-profit associations, which grow cannabis and distribute it among members on a cost-recovery basis. It is also worth noting that these organizations are private and are not open to any visitor – only registered members can come.

It may seem a little complicated at first, but you will quickly learn the benefits of this approach.

Some of the advantages are the unique and cozy atmosphere that provides a sense of emotional security, a welcoming environment, designed for group leisure activities and games, and turns cannabis clubs into really nice socializing spots, where you can relax with your friends. Not just a generic place where you can rustle up some weed.

Which is a pleasant contrast to most Amsterdam’s coffee shops, which are more reminiscent of fast food restaurants, with their in-and-out format and constant fuss.

Cannabis clubs in Barcelona vs coffeeshops in Amsterdam

All of that only applies to the official and legally operated cannabis clubs. About one-third of the establishments in Barcelona, calling themselves cannabis clubs, are illegal and have little in common with true cannabis social clubs. You won’t have to worry about the legality and the reputation of a club if you choose one from our carefully curated catalog.

Here’s why you should avoid street dealers

In the streets of Barcelona, you might meet dealers and promoters inviting you to “weed coffeeshops”, “smoking” or “cannabis” clubs. We urge you to ignore these offers. Not only you’d risk getting in trouble with the law, you would also miss out on the chance to taste some of the best marijuana in Europe.

As well as to enjoy the unique atmosphere of the private clubs. Official cannabis clubs of Barcelona never use street promotion, as it is contrary to the legal standards they operate on, and always requires registration, with no exceptions.

Just ignore any street offers

Illegal establishments, which street promoters invite you to visit, typically operate at suspicious locations, unsafe for tourists, and always offer worse quality of cannabis.

Is cannabis legal in Spain?

Many tourists wonder about that, when they arrive in the country. The question can’t be answered unequivocally since technically cannabis is not legal in Spain. Carrying any quantity or consuming cannabis in public places is illegal, and you could be fined with 500 € or more.

Any actions associated with selling cannabis are criminal offenses, which can lead to serious consequences up to prison time. Obviously, you’re not going to sell weed, but any interactions with street dealers can be interpreted by police as participation in drug trafficking, so make your own conclusions, whether it’s worth it. However, certain legislative regulations allow cannabis clubs to act within the bounds of the law.

So you can absolutely legally consume cannabis within the walls of a club. In addition, you can grow 2 plants at home, and own other hemp products or seeds fully legally. The issue of the legal status of marijuana in Barcelona is thoroughly covered in this article.

Ok, I’m inside, what’s next?

We’re sure you will be pleasantly surprised by the environment within the clubs, but don’t forget that outside cannabis is technically illegal. It is fine, if you’re still under the effect when going outside, but possession is prohibited. We’ve posted an article, dedicated to customer behavior at cannabis clubs, make sure to check it out.

But the basic rules are obvious, a cannabis social club is a place where people come to chill and have a good time. Try not to disturb others and keep it positive. And be conscious about the dosage – the quality of the offered products can be surprising to many.

Each club offers different kinds of indica, sativa, various hybrids, and their own varieties. You can choose a cannabis variety with high or low content. In addition to different varieties of cannabis there are usually several types of hashish and even cannabis concentrates on the menu.


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