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La Liga


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Carrer de Viladomat, 109, 08015 Barcelona

12:00 – 21:00

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About Viladomat Cannabis Club

Viladomat Cannabis Club is situated five-minute walking distance from Plaza España in a hipster district of Eixample. This is the place where you can easily get to know friendly young Catalans and the expats who are already settled in the hood. Moreover, you can watch sports broadcasts on big screen TVs, play billiards with friends, give it all at the PlayStation, drink beer and most importantly, smoke whatever you want and however you want!

The interiors of the club are designed in a concise Scandinavian style: walls in calm colors, black metal structures, wooden counter tops and spacious sofas. There seems to be nothing superfluous here! However, it is very cozy and always clean. The club is divided into three areas:

  • The Chill Out room where freelancers with laptops and coffee sit there working often during the daytime. By the way, the club has everything provided for it: wi-fi, sockets, comfortable tables… In the evening, friends gather here in small groups, drink beer, chat and play fun4four.
  • The Game zone with screens and PlayStation. The owners promise VR helmets in the very near future – we simply can’t wait!
  • The main hall, in the center of which there is a natural wood bar counter top, surrounding a column with a transparent aquarium and a green installation inside. Two huge screens hang on the walls, opposite which all the club members gather during the important football games to watch the broadcasts, of course. However, the real king of the main zone is the billiards!

In Viladomat Cannabis Club there is perhaps the richest selection of cannabis in Barcelona. There are always available no less than 15 kinds of buds and at least 10 kinds of hashish, as well as edibles with marijuana and all kinds of extracts and concentrates of cannabis… In a word, there is stuff for both lovers of classic products and admirers of exotic ways of consuming ganja. By the way, the price list is also quite democratic too.

The atmosphere is dope already at the entrance. First of all, there is a parking place for electric scooters and bikes. Secondly, at the reception a very amiable girl welcomes you. There is a feeling that everyone here is waiting for you.

Inside the club, there is usually a mellow music, always in different genres – from hip-hop to the deep house. The weekend program includes DJ sets and a special ambience!
So, let me sum it up for ya. It is worth joining the Viladomat Cannabis Club if the high-hat and showing-off are not important, but the quality and variety of cannabis are and you want to meet the locals!



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Cannabis enthusiast, researcher and editor of Cannabis Guide Barcelona



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