HQ social club

Members only
Age limit
No photos
Annual fee 50€
DJ sets
4.9 out of 5 stars

One of the most chic and private clubs in town is HQ Barcelona. Its owner has created a space where everyone wants to be, however, there is one important condition in order to become a member: you can get here only if someone literally leads you “by the hand”. Many establishments use the system of recommendations and such, but HQ has gone one step further: you won’t be able to use anything you find inside until a month after you’ve received the membership card. Thus, the club resolves the problem with tourists and casual visitors.

So, what is so attractive in the association that makes it one of the most expensive, yet, in spite of it, also one of the most popular in the city?

First of all, it’s location: HQ is situated in the city center on one of the most expensive and fanciest streets in Eixample. Right around the corner, there is the famous restaurant owned by Messi, Passeig de Gracia is just a few steps away as well as Gaudí’s masterpieces. The street is almost entirely pedestrian with a lot of terraces.

Secondly, the club itself is a humongous place with stylish interior design, greenery, and nice furniture, specially created for HQ. You’ll find here a peculiar lighting system, which imitates the daylight: there is a feeling that the sun shines through the rooftop. There are loads of art objects scattered around the space: arty folks often expose their works here. The club produces its own branded products (you can spot here some ashtrays and coasters with the inscription “Babushka”), constantly organizes events (parties, yoga) and competitions in Russian billiards.

HQ is a fashionable, exclusive place created for “the right folks” with a super amicable, stylish atmosphere and with a quality product. Nobody gets here by chance, but there is also no showing-off nor arrogance here: all the visitors come to the association to have fun and socialize. This is exactly what makes the club the most attractive and alluring spot and one of the most famous in and beyond Barcelona.