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Born Marijuana Club

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Annual fee 20€
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Carrer del Rec, 62, 08003 Barcelona
11:00 – 00:00
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Marijuana Club BarcelonaMarijuana Club Barcelona

About Born Marijuana Club

The association Born Marijuana Club is situated in el Born district – the heart of “the old town”, it’s always crowded here but in the club there is an absolutely different ambiance because it’s impossible to enter it “just out of the street”, without a previous registration and invitation. Normally, everyone gets into the club through an acquaintance who help to apply for an invite and that creates a special atmosphere.

Friendly and radiant personnel will welcome you at the club. If you are for the first time at a club, here they’ll guide you through the club rules, which will ensure a comfortable and safe experience as well as they’ll answer all the questions regarding the legal aspect of cannabis consumption in Barcelona.

The interior design of this club was renovated in the beginning of 2020, and it looks more like a lounge bar or restaurant. This is a comfy and modern spot where you will feel yourself cozy both in a big company – for example, celebrating your birthday, – and by yourself, relaxing after a working day.

If you move around in a wheelchair, the personnel will prepare a comfortable place for you where you will feel yourself at an utmost ease.

The club position itself as a dog-friendly place so you can take your four-footed friend with you. The modern ventilating system perfectly manages the weed smoke so that the room is never smoky and you don’t have to worry about your pet.

No matter what your preferences are: sensimilla (colloquial – “buds”), hashish, edibles with THC or cannabis extracts, – you’ll be pleasantly surprised by a broad variety of products to choose from at the club. There are always more than five kinds of indica and sativa available as well as lots of hybrid sorts. For experienced lovers of marijuana, there are extracts and wax containing more than 90 % of THC. Moreover, you will be able to try out eatables made with marijuana: normally these are sweets (marmalade, cookies) which produce a far more lasting trip than just smoking weed. A wide selection of CBD sorts, cosmetics containing cannabis oil and dietary supplements (vitamins, minerals, etc.) with CBD will expect the lovers of medicinal marijuana.

If you feel like a rookie in these questions, don’t you worry: the club’s staff will explain in detail all the particularities of different marijuana types and will assist you in choosing the most suitable means of consuming it. You will be able to choose your favourite variety from the ones offered, having previously evaluated its aroma and compared it with others.

The chosen marijuana will be weighed on a precision scale and packaged in an airtight bag before your eyes. All goods and cannabis itself are stored to the highest-quality standards: in glass jars with humidity and temperature control.

All the necessary devices for marijuana consumption at this club are offered free of charge: TIPS cartons, papers, filters and tobacco if you like smoking spliffs. There are also various bongs, low and high, with percolators and an option to cool down the smoke with ice. To enjoy the pure taste with a minimal damage for your lungs, you can use the vaporizer.

A special mention goes for the cleanliness of all the smoking devices. The club’s staff will prepare the chosen device and gladly explain how to use it.

During the daytime, club resembles a co-working: many club members come here with their laptops to work in peace. The association enjoys a high-speed Internet, there are sockets and chargers available for all the modern devices. You can order a cup of coffee and dive into your work in a comfortable atmosphere.

Once you are at the club in the evening that is when the party starts: champagne and wine are being poured at the bar, DJs are playing their sets, everyone is dressed up and dancing, talking in a laidback situation, typical of this place. You are welcome to join this very special Barcelona cannabis club!


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