Bar counter in the Born Marijuana Club
Dispensary at the marijuana club
Reception at the Born Marijuana Club
Large soft sofas for smoking marijuana
Soft sofas and a DJ console of the marijuana club

Born Marijuana Club

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Poster of mindful meditation in Born Marijuana Club
Mindful meditation with China Folino
Tuesday, August 16, 19:00
Live music performance Marie in Coffee Shop Barcelona
Manual Dualicy - Live music
Wednesday, August 17, 20:00
Poster of DJ set in coffe shop Barcelona
DJ set by Dabeatwalls
Thursday, August 18, 20:00
Poster DJ set of Adam Keys in coffee shop Barcelona
DJ set by Adam Keys
Friday, August 19, 20:00
Poster of DJ set Jess Colibri in Born Marijuana Club
DJ set by Jess Colibri
Saturday, August 20, 20:00
Members only
DJ sets
Age limit
Live music
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Annual fee 20€
Dress code: no beach wear, no flip flops
Carrer del Rec, 62, 08003 Barcelona
11:00 – 00:00

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Marijuana Club BarcelonaMarijuana Club Barcelona

If you walk through the alleys of the El Born district in the center of Barcelona, you will find the dopest and most popular cannabis social club of the city - Born Marijuana Club.

Enjoy a large selection of marijuana and hashish, a fine bar, nightclub ambiance, a friendly crowd, and the highest level of customer service — here you will find everything you’d need in a club to be a loyal guest for years!


First, a great location. The club is just a 10-minute walk from the city’s main beach! There are many other beautiful spots nearby, such as Cuitadella Park and Estació de Fança, Barcelona's grand station.

Secondly, a wide selection. You will find all types of cannabis (indica, sativa, hybrids), CBD, hashish, various extracts, concentrates and wax, and delicious infused baked goods. The club also has a massive selection of smoking devices; for example, vaping enthusiasts are offered Volcano!

A bar with good wine, cava, beer, and soft drinks. They brew exceptional coffee and offer a large selection of teas and snacks - tapas and empanadas. There isn’t any other establishment that can compete with this!

The highest level of customer service. No matter how many visitors there are in the club, each of them will feel special thanks to the impeccably clean space, elegant design — dark feature walls, leather sofas — and, most importantly, their professional, skillful team.

Sustainability. Born Marijuana Club chooses glass over disposable plastic.

The entertainment program. A DJ or a live band brings in the tunes each tight. And for special occasions, the club hosts some of the best parties in the city! They display impressive decorations, set up a buffet, and invite the best make-up artists, award-winning bartenders, famous hosts, and, of course, high-profile DJs.

The friendliest crowd. Unlike in other cannabis social clubs, almost half of the club’s guests are women! Born Marijuana Club also has expats from different countries, well-traveled and eager to share their incredible stories — everyone loves meeting here to create a welcoming community.

The club is loosely divided into two zones - a lounge to relax and a work area equipped with everything freelancers may need.

The club has a dress code – please put on something nicer than beachwear and rubber flip flops.

The club is pet-friendly - if your pet behaves well, welcome to Born Marijuana Club!


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