The ultimate list of herb alternatives for tobacco in a joint

Are you eager to open up new dimensions of taste, reach a new level of getting high, and just make cannabis consumption healthier and less addictive? Here we are with the review of healthy tobacco alternatives for improving the cannabis experience and dramatically change the way you consume marijuana.

The ultimate list of herb alternatives for tobacco in a joint photo

What to roll in a joint instead of tobacco: the best organic replacements

It’s a common thing to add tobacco in a joint to slow down the burn of the weed and make the process more evenly. Yet, tobacco poses a lot of serious risks for your health when smoking it. Is there a substitute for tobacco? YES! You’ll be surprised to see such a large variety of herbs to mix with weed. And here we are with our ultimate list of herb alternatives to tobacco.


Lavender in a joint photo
Regarding tobacco alternative herbs, smoking lavender with weed turns out to be the most common one. Lavender is widely met, and famous for the aroma and its calming, relaxing features. These are just some smoking lavender effects. Thus, adding the herb when making a spliff, users get a smoother smoking experience, improve the taste, and enhance the effects of cannabis high. Besides that, using lavender for the cannabis session may be helpful in nervousness and sleeplessness.


This plant is one of the household herbs you can smoke. Sage is a common herb to be found almost in every garden and kitchen around the globe. Being one of the alternatives to smoking for stress relief, the herb added to the joint can increase relaxation and calmness. It’s also reported improving the burning process with better aroma provided, making a weed session even more enjoyable.


Mitragyna speciosa (another name for Kratom) belongs to the coffee family. It's an effective opioid replacement. The plant can assist with chronic pain or raise energy. Changing the dosage of the plant when smoking weed, consumers achieve different effects:

  • 1-5 g work as a stimulant and the effects can be felt within 10 minutes after consumption and can last up to 90 minutes.
  • 5-15 g gives opioid-like effects that include a calm frame of mind, alleviation of pain, and a decrease of opioid withdrawal symptoms. In such a case the effects can last for several hours.

Anyway, it’s highly recommended specifying all the side effects and learn if it’s compatible with medications you’re taking, or with your health conditions, and so on.



Rosemary in in a joint photo

What makes this famous cooking ingredient to be a good herbal tobacco substitute? This is one of the household herbs to smoke that contains a terpene called beta-caryophyllene. This is what can heighten cognitive skills, improve awareness, and be helpful with inflammation, depression, and strengthen your immune system. That makes the herb perfect for your joint. Roll a spliff with some rosemary alternative added to experience the unique aroma, relish effects of smoking rosemary and make the weed session healthier.


If you’re looking for alternatives to smoking for stress relief then this plant is what you need to try. It’s reported that Catnip can have strong psychoactive effects, but it varies from consumer to consumer. Add a plant to the joint for sedating effect and relaxation.


Do you need to relieve tension, stress, anxiety, or just boost mood? All that are just a few abilities of Sceletium tortuosum. So, it’s no wonder why this herbal alternative is popular among marijuana consumers. The other highlight of the substitute for smoking weed is that you can achieve different effects by changing the dosage of the plant in the joint.
Thus, if you want to get stimulation, boost confidence, decrease social anxiety, then it’s better to use low doses. In case your goal is to have a sedating effect — increase the dose of the plant when making a spliff. It’s also reported that Kanna used as a herbal tobacco substitute can enhance the effects of cannabis as well.
Make sure that usage of Kanna for smoking weed is safe for you. For instance, the tobacco alternative can pump up the blood pressure.


Chamomile in a joint photo


This is another household herb you can smoke with weed. The plant can be found almost anywhere in the world. Rolling dried chamomile with a spliff, you’ll manage to create the relaxing and anxiolytic action. Smoking chamomile and its terpenes is helpful with insomnia and pressure. So, if your aim is relaxation, then this is a perfect replacement!


This herbal tobacco substitute has soft psychoactive and aphrodisiac effects to experience when adding to a joint. The plant is used to treat different conditions from depression to dyspepsia. One more thing that makes Damiana leaf a perfect tobacco alternative for smoking weed is the fact it produces a slight high. Yet, the plant is mainly utilized for reducing tension. The cannabis session with the herbal alternative used is smooth and clean. Besides, it’s easy to break up the leaves of Damiana to roll a perfect joint.
Warning! Only lower doses are safe. Otherwise, high doses (over 200g) can result in utterly damaging symptoms and hallucinations. Herewith, if you’re going to replace the tobacco by the plant then you may specify the safe dosage for you to consume.

Calendula leaves

Strong healing benefits make the plant to be popular and widely used in traditional medicine. Another usage is smoking it in a joint. Not only can you get high but boost the immune system. It’s advised to choose bright yellow and/or orange flowers because that's a guarantee that the plant is fresh enough and the medicinal quality remains high.


Hops in a joint photo

Another great herbal tobacco substitute is Hops that is a plant of the same family with cannabis. The terpene myrcene is an active component of the herb. The same terpene forms part of various cannabis types and which accounts for antidepressant and sedative effects.
Warning! When using Hops, it's better to prefer vaping to smoking, because the plant can be dangerous at high temperatures.


This plant can be a perfect substitute for tobacco in your joint, especially if you’re a fan of relaxing and mellow high. Skullcap is used to help with anxiety and decrease stress, nervous tension. Be attentive and use the right species of the herb to achieve the desired effects.


The aromatic plus volatile or eucalyptus oil are the main compounds of the plant's leaves. The content provides an expectorant effect. That’s quite a widespread herbal tobacco substitute. However, you should be ready to get a spicy taste.


Mint in a joint photo


Feel free to choose among 15-20 species to experiment and make your weed session enjoyable and healthy. The mint oil is widely used thanks to its great potential for health, aroma, taste. Besides that, you can smoke it with weed. Making a spliff, add the healthy tobacco alternative to get relaxing high as well as improve blood circulation.
Mint is an almost perfect alternative to tobacco. Almost. Compared with other herbal tobacco substitutes, menthol flavor is quite strong. That’s why it can overpower the cannabis terpene content. That’s why it’s highly important not to overdose the plant adding it to the spliff.

Raspberry leaf

Dozens of health conditions can be treated by the plant also known as Rubus idaeus, including anemia, leg cramps, gingivitis, and others. Besides all those benefits, it’s also a great tobacco replacement for smoking weed. Thanks to fluffy and light texture it's easy to roll the plant into a joint. The mellow and smooth taste is another strong feature.
A little awareness for those who take any medications with diuretic and/or laxative effects. Utilizing the herb for a spliff, you’ll intensify these side effects that can result in dehydration.

Salvia divinorum

The herb's content includes opioid-like compounds with strong psychoactive effects when it's smoked. That’s why this herbal tobacco replacement can result in strong hallucinations. Herewith, when adding the plant into the joint, you should use a lower dose of the herb to strengthen the psychedelic potential of the weed.
Warning! It's illegal in some jurisdictions/locations/countries due to its psychoactive properties and strong impact.


Today there are a litany of ways of consuming weed and there is no need anymore to limit yourself making a spliff with tobacco added only. After reading the post, you know exactly what to mix with weed instead of tobacco. Feel free to experiment using various herbal tobacco substitutes and make your weed experience beneficial, healthier, and in some cases more effective. Follow our blog where we provide the readers and weed lovers with lots of useful info about cannabis culture in Barcelona and the world entirely.

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