Vaping cannabis: temperature rules guide

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Read this comprehensive survey on vaping with weed to get aware of the best vaping weed temperature, vaping weed health risks, vape pens and other crucial details to know before getting started.

Presently, vaping goes mainstream in Barcelona and the rest of the world where cannabis is legalized. Yes, today you’re free to visit lots of coffee shops that welcome you to spend time at a club, buy marijuana and get high in peace. About 200 new coffee shops have been recently opened in Barcelona. Thus, you can apply for an invite and smoke, dab or vape weed.

Yet, due to the novelty of the method and such a variety of vaping options available, it can be a true challenge to sift a question to the bottom. Here we are to guide you on the issue. That’s because the appearance of heaps of options on the offer ahead of people to understand how it actually works, how to use that correctly, etc.

So, if you’re eager to consume cannabis in a much easier, discreet, healthy manner, then this post is the right place to visit.

Also, if you carve to know how to vape weed, what advantages you get, and so on, then this article is just a MUST-read. Just keep on reading to find out how to take the pleasure to the next level.

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Weed smoking vs vaping: start from scratch

Why should you choose vaping weed instead of smoking? You’ve got at least three reasons for such a high popularity of vaping in 2020:

  1. Higher potency;
  2. Flexibility;
  3. Usability.

When you smoke weed, more harmful tar along with carcinogens are inhaled. What’s more, when dealing with the combustion, the temperature is really high and uncontrolled, thus, the more good stuff is destroyed, spoiling the flavor, quality, and experience in total.

The lower temperature required for converting cannabinoids as well as terpenes into a vapor makes the vaporization a healthier alternate. Saying nothing about the other advantages like the discretion, simplicity, and convenience of portable vapes. Thus, it’s obvious that the first round scores one for the vaping.

How to vape weed?

Knowing the healthier aspects, all left is learning how to vape weed. Actually, there are many ways to vaporize cannabis. Start with the fact that you’re free to vape both flowers and concentrates. Presently, there is a wide array of devices from small, portable up to desktop ones to use for the purpose.

Tabletop, portable vaporizers, and vape pens are the main types of options for vaping weed. Each type has its own advantages on offer. Though all of them are pretty easy to use, we strongly recommend reading the manual of each device prior to usage.

Vaping with weed tips

Mind that lots depend on the type of cannabis and device you use, yet, there are two ways for vaping cannabis:

  1. Vape dry flower. In this case, you need to have the material along with a tabletop or portable vape that can be used for vaping flowers.
  2. Vape concentrates or cannabis oil. Feel free to use vape pens and portable vaporizers. Besides, in this case, you can choose out of the wide range of flavors and kinds to make your day.

Portable vaporizers

Here’s the step by step instruction on how to vape by means of a portable vape:

  • Look through the manual applied to the device. It’s obligatory, buddy.
  • Check the battery, it is to be charged. In case it’s a disposable pen, make sure that it has enough charge for having a weed session. Also, check that the cartridge is connected to it tightly.
  • Set the appropriate temperature, if it’s possible.
  • When it comes to refilling devices, then don’t forget to fill the oven with the cannabis oil for vaporizer, or flowers.
  • Push the button or auto-draw. Slowly inhale to maximize cannabinoid intake, preventing the overheat of the cannabis oil, damage the concentrate.
  • Feeling burnt or harsher taste, it’s a signal that it’s time to end, the vape is running low on concentrate.
  • Just discard the device when a cannabis oil cartridge is depleted.

Tabletop vaporizers

Unlike the portable vape, tabletop vaporizers can be used on a stable surface only. So, it’s not for use on the go. Here are several tips on how to use the option for vaping weed:

  • Don’t neglect reading the manual before using the tabletop for an enjoyable weed session to get and the longevity of your device.
  • Turn the device on and give it time to heat up.
  • Fill the heating chamber or oven with the definite dose of cannabis to be heated for producing vapor for inhalation. After, seal it securely.
  • Set the preferred temperature, if it’s possible.
  • Inhales should be slow and long.
  • Feeling that the vapor thins or loses the flavor, then it’s high time to stop the session or reload the oven.
  • Discard the marijuana leftover, clean your vaporizer. Do that regularly in the way described in the manual.

Pay attention that there is a difference between vape and pods for weed. Choose the one considering how often you consume weed, where you prefer to do that, and other factors. All these methods to consume the materials promise an enjoyable experience. Just choose the best way to vaporize weed for you.

Vaping cannabis: temperature rules guide

Cannabis contains about 113 various chemical compounds or so-called cannabinoids. THC, CBN, CBD, CBG are the best known cannabinoids. Their concentration in the dose depends on the strain itself plus where and how it’s grown. The stuff actually relieves pain or just gets the user high, for example.

Why is temperature so important? As we have already mentioned, talking about the combustion, the temperature is high – about 315°C – and, besides, more harmful tar and carcinogens are inhaled, the large part of cannabinoids and terpenes are destroyed because of the heat. As a result, less flavor, effect, and avail.

Vaping is the answer. This alternate method of cannabis consumption allows you to control the heat for reaching a definite effect. Yep! Herewith, you can find the best vaping weed temperature for you and the effects you expect to get. Below is the table with temp levels and what you can get as a result.

Level Temperature Effects
Rare 163–177 °C
  • Light euphoria, sedating, invigorative;
  • Decreased side effects;
  • Intense terpene flavor, fresh, citrusy, piney;
  • Less coughing.
Medium 177–204 °C
  • More euphoric and relaxing, meditative;
  • Flavorful, save terpenes plus cannabinoids;
  • Increased cannabinoid availability;
  • More THC gets volatilized;
  • Minor side effects can be experienced.
Well Done 204–221 °C
  • Experience alike smoke/combustion;
  • Strong euphoria, intense effects, “couch-lock”, sedation;
  • Maximum THC volatilization;
  • Less terpenes, higher cannabinoid extraction..


Marijuana is used as a medication for helping relieve such disorders as:

  • Chronic and neuropathic pain;
  • Psychosis;
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder;
  • Schizophrenia;
  • Epileptic disorders;
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Depression and anxiety;
  • Cancer;
  • Lupus;
  • Diabetes;
  • Osteoporosis, etc.

So, if you want to save the chemical compounds – CBD, CBN, CBC, and the terpenes linalool, humulene – of your bud and inhale all the good stuff, then set the vape gear at 220°C.

Inspiration and mind trip

Is your mind trip your goal? Then CBD, THC, myrcene, limonene, along with β-caryophyllene are the cannabinoids that you need to get in such a case. You can achieve it by setting the vape gear at 180°C. What’s more, vaporizing the required cannabinoids and terpenes, you’ll avoid excessive couch lock.

Vaping cannabis: best energetic temp

Set the vape gear at 180°C to get an energetic and clear high. In such a way you’ll get as much CBD as possible that counteracts the negative side effects of THC. That’s bound to protect you from feeling paranoid, anxious, or heavy.


Decrease the temp by 6 degrees to set the vape gear at 175°C, in case you’re seeking the best flavor. You can’t get that smoking cannabis, because the high temperature provokes harsh and hack-inducing sting. So, vaping weed at the temp, you’ll receive a full and intense blast of flavor.

Vaping weed and health risks

Presently, we know that switching to vaping reduces the risks of cancer and other related smoking diseases. That also means better skin health, lung capacity, circulation, oral hygiene, and other aspects improved. Yet, the impact of vaping weed on the health of the users is not discovered to the end.

The only thing is clear, vaping is much healthier than smoking weed. Anyway, you should remember that anything done in excess is unhealthy. So, control the quantity and quality of your cannabis sessions to stay on the safe and healthier side.

Safer use more enjoyable use

According to the research made by the Highway Code, 57% of the respondents out of 80,000 participants mentioned that vaping weed improved their “cannabis-related pleasure.” The ability to control the heat, the option is unavailable when smoking weed, you can get certain effects and relish more flavor of the cannabis. Therefore, this round of vaping vs smoking weed adds the score to vaping, making it high, giving the insurmountable lead.

Vape pens: advantages and differences

Currently, e-cigs for weed is extremely popular among smokers and regular cannabis users. Since 2003, the year when Hon Lik is credited with bringing electronic cigarettes to the mainstream, the industry has become a multi-billion-dollar field. Today you’re free to choose among the hundreds of vaporizers from large box mods to light portable devices and pocket-sized vape pens.

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What is a vape pen?

So, a vape pen is a device used for heating up a cannabis oil or cartridge to inhale cannabinoid, terpenes. They are small, portable, best for vaping on the go. The products offer big battery capacity, long running times, allow swapping atomizers or cartridges.

Types of vape pens for weed

Vape pens are one of the most potent, easy-to-use, and quick. These e-cigs for weed vary in shapes and features. Yet, there are two main options to choose from:

  1. Rechargeable vapes that are featured with the batteries along with cannabis-oil-filled cartridges or oven for flowers.
  2. Disposable vape pens, that are all-in-one units, without the ability to recharge the battery. That’s why feel free to discard the unit straight after the oil is depleted.
Pros Cons
  1. It’s safer than smoking
  2. No noxious odors
  3. Flavor for any palate
  4. Wide access and availability
  5. User-friendly
  6. Price points for every wallet
  1. Technology learning curve
  2. Cumulative costs
  3. Bogus stories
  4. Overwhelming options

Should you use vape for weed or not?

Due to the legalization of weed, you’re free to visit the coffee shops to buy marijuana, get high. Also, that forced the industry to evolve rapidly. That resulted in the appearance of hundreds of options on the market.

Vaping weed is a trend today. Vaping weed has many strengths on offer. More flavor, higher effect, total control of the weed session, and a healthier way of consuming. However, there are some disadvantages like cumulative costs that can’t be denied. Herewith, weigh all pluses and minuses before making a final decision. It’s only up to you to decide: vaping or smoking weed.

Carla Gallego
Author — Cannabis enthusiast, researcher and editor of Cannabis Guide Barcelona