What is cannabis wax? How to smoke wax?

Eager to discover each and every detail about the marijuana wax, how it's extracted and consumed? What is wax? How to smoke weed wax? This article is a must-read then. Here we highlight all the aspects, pros/cons, different ways of smoking wax, along with other useful tips to help you on the way to your high and enjoyable experience. Keep reading to get all the details about weed wax.

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What is cannabis wax?

Before we start to elaborate on ways to smoke wax, firstly, let’s define what cannabis wax is. So, what is wax weed? It's a dab or weed concentrate, which is an extremely potent form of marijuana widely consumed for both medical and recreational purposes. That's due to the fact that the cannabis wax THC percent ranges from 40 up to 90, when the normal high-grade weed THC levels are around 20% only. Feel the difference?

Presently, there is a range of the wax types on offer, which differ in textures, consistencies from oily to glass-like. Wax, rosin, crumble, live resin, honeycomb, shatter, badder/budder, distillate, pull-and-snap, crystalline are the most used ones.

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What are the main extraction methods?

How to make cannabis wax? Today there is a number of extraction methods that need physical actions and/or involve the next specific materials:

  • Pure butane;
  • CO²;
  • Water plus ice or dry ice;
  • Alcohol.

Whatever way of separating the trichomes from the weed is chosen, the basics for creating BHO, RSO and CO2-extracted wax are the same:

  1. heating the weed using solvents like butane;
  2. extracting the THC.

Providing specific conditions of the production process, you can create various textures.

Is it possible to make the wax by yourself at home? Yep, but… We want to claim that it’s strongly NOT recommended to extract the cannabis wax at your home. It’s highly dangerous for your health and life. So, it’s better to buy an already made one.

What is a chemical profile of the wax?

The chemical content of the weed wax depends a lot on the input materials used for creating the concentrate. Thus, the end product can be cannabis Sativa wax, cannabis CBD wax, cannabis Indica wax, etc. However, as a result, you’ll get a highly-potent THC mass, 1 gram of which contains about 80% of the oil or about 800 mg of cannabinoids.

Consider the ratio of THC and CBD. That is what affects the potency of the wax and effects duration. The best ratio is 1:1 THC:CBD to have clear-headed effects. Usually, there is a label with all the info described.

Thus, check the exact amount of CBD, THC, CBG, other cannabinoids, and terpene concentration contained in the wax before purchasing. Choose only the trusted producers to be sure of the quality of the materials used to enjoy the session and avoid troubles.

Cannabis wax pros and cons

Talking about the pros and cons of cannabis wax, there are a lot of issues to discuss. The key points are here:

Advantages Downsides
  • Potency and efficiency;
  • Used for relieving such health issues like chronic pain, insomnia, depression, anxiety, etc.
  • Has a much higher percentage of THC content than typical weed flowers;
  • Quick effect and different type of high;
  • Almost no odor and smell;
  • Fun to operate;
  • Better flavor;
  • More pure, you aren't smoking wax all the tar.
  • Potentially hazardous side effects like paranoia, hallucinations, unconsciousness;
  • Can ruin the tolerance;
  • A more expensive way of consuming;
  • Requires additional equipment;
  • Lower quality standards;
  • Usually no CBD that’s crucial for medical users;
  • Can be lethal in case you inhale too much butane;

Where to buy cannabis wax?

Today there are about 200 coffee shops in Barcelona. Yet, not all of them have cannabis wax on offer. Feel free to choose the coffee shop out of the list on the site, because there several types of cannabis wax are in the assortment. All users can join and then visit these clubs to buy cannabis wax or try some wax smoke/vape. The advantage of these coffee shops is that there you can ask the staff for advice, get instructions if you’re a newbie, and try new ways of consuming marijuana concentrate. And, what’s most important, it will be totally safe and legal.

How to smoke dabs?

Have you never tried the wax? Want to know how to smoke marijuana wax? Here we are to show you different ways to smoke wax and not only. Below we described 6 most effective and safe ways of consuming cannabis wax with a dab rig or without it. So, let’s elaborate on the ways to smoke the concentrates to find the perfect one for you. Let’s check how to smoke thc wax and how to use cannabis wax for getting high.

Way 1. Dabbing

When it comes to consuming cannabis wax, dabbing is an essential way. You’ve to be equipped to get the most out of dabbing. A dab rig and then torch and other related items are required.

Being a newbie, start with a small wax dose because it's highly potent and, thus, much stronger than flowers. The process of dabbing includes the next steps:

  1. heat nail with a torch;
  2. add a dose of cannabis wax on the skillet;
  3. inhale the vapor produced via the dabbing rig.

Way 2. Vaping

This method takes second place, not by accident. It's an easy, efficient, and convenient way to consume marijuana wax. Using dab pens and other vaporizers, enjoy the materials and effects without the smoke. The process is as simple as:

  1. put the dose of the wax into the oven;
  2. vape.

Depending on the tool, you can get your wax session on the go without attracting the attention of the wider public. That’s, probably, the best way to smoke wax.

Way 3. Adding wax to the joint

How to smoke wax weed? Joint is the answer! You can always sprinkle the wax over the weed when rolling a joint. Certainly, if you haven’t a dab rig. The weed flowers, concentrates, and, of course, the rolling paper is needed. The process contains the next steps:

  • spread the marijuana material on the rolling paper, as always;
  • add the chosen concentrate in the middle of the future joint;

Attention! It shouldn’t be too close to the edges!

  • roll all that up, light it up;
  • enjoy the session.

Or you can wind wax on a joint, as shown in the video below.

Though the simplicity, there are some cons we can’t deny like weird burning of the joint, lost quality of smoke and the real taste of the wax.

Way 4. Smoking wax in bowl or bong

No rig? There is another easy and efficient way to smoke the concentrates via bong/bowl. The process is usual, the only point is added, it's needed to put the wax over the flowers. It’s better to freeze the wax a little bit before using, it’ll be much easier to add the sticky concentrate. After that, light up the materials and smoke in a common way.

No special skills or equipment are required. And that’s a huge plus. However, note that both weed and wax are required. Yep, the only concentrate makes no point in this case. Besides that, it alerts the flavor of the cannabis wax. And that’s the huge minus.

Way 5. Healthstones

Another efficient way to consume cannabis wax is by using a healthstone. No rig is necessary. The advantage of the method is that no harmful chemicals are produced when heated because of 100% inert build materials used.

  • Insert the healthstone to your device.
  • Add the dose of the CBD/THC wax.
  • Heat it up using a torch.

Mind that the distance between the flame and the wax is to be no less than 5 cm, that’s why DON’T aim the torch directly on the healthstone.

Way 6. Eating it

Can you eat cannabis wax? Why not? It’s a non-standard way of consuming concentrates. The experience will differ from smoking dabs and it’s more likely than not that you don’t like the taste, but you definitely feel high. Make it tasty by cooking some wax edibles. There is one highly important thing to bear in mind prior to eating the wax. It’s crucial to convert the THCa to THC so your body can digest it. So, you must decarboxylate the wax before eating it.

How to dose cannabis concentrates?

The dose depends on your experience in the question and the way of consuming it. Thus, the standard dose of the concentrates starts with 5-10 mg or 1 ml of THC. Yet, it’s a challenge to portion the concentrate. Thus, you need some specific tools to use as knives, for example.

Cannabis oil vs wax: what to choose?

Both extracts have their own advantages and drawbacks. Yet, it also depends on the effect you crave to get. So, the oil vs wax weed table is bound to help you to see the difference and make the final decision.

Extract Potency Consistency Forms
Wax THC concentrations of up to 90% soft, semi-solid and solid forms comes in different forms depending on the extraction method and input materials
Oil concentrations of terpenes and cannabinoids are much lower a liquid that can have various viscosity levels from thin to a denser one CBD Oil


So, now you know what is wax marijuana, how to smoke cannabis wax, pros and cons of smoking wax, and even the chemical profile of the concentrates. All left to do is to choose the way that suits you most of all and enjoy the process!

And how do you smoke wax?

Maria Garcia, Cannabis activist and editor of Cannabis Guide Barcelona


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