Dabbing: how to pick the best dab rig?

If you wish to enhance your weed experience when visiting Barcelona, then dabbing is worth trying. Yet, this unique way of consumption requires specific equipment like a dab rig. The best variant is to visit one of the cannabis clubs in Barcelona, where the option is provided or to buy a rig.

The diversity of shapes, forms, features, sizes, and prices of dab rigs can make you a little bit dizzy even if you’re an advanced user, saying nothing about a novice. Thus, it’s okay that you stay there thinking: “How to get started and how to pick the best dab rig so that I won’t regret spending money?” Here we are to rescue you. In this article, we’re going to review different types of dab rigs with useful tips on how to make the right choice.

Basic Dab Rig For Marijuana Concentrates

What is a dab rig?

Let’s start with the definition of a dab rig and the answer why dabbing becomes so popular nowadays. Herewith, the dab rig is a smoking device for the consumption of cannabis wax, extracts, oils, and other weed concentrates.

Though the technique, cost, and range of accessories needed for dabbing can be overwhelming for new dabbers, yet the streamlined and strong effects along with heavy terpene flavors to get are worth the efforts.

Dab Rig Basics: how to get started?

A rig consists of 2 main parts: the body (glass piece) and the nail (banger). Usually, the water is poured into the glass piece and is used for cooling and filtering the smoke. The nail is as important as the rig, because it’s where a dab (weed concentrate) is heated up to be vaporized.

Usually, 3 things for dabbing marijuana products are needed. In addition to the body and nail, the 3rd element — a torch is required for lighting and heating the dab. Yet, today there are some rigs with no water and/or torch required. Let’s overlook the main parts to know the difference to simplify your choice.

The glass pieceBasic dab rig for cannabis wax

The body is made of any shape, size, color, and materials. Traditionally, it’s made of glass, however, today silicone is also used for the purpose. The highlight of a silicone rig is that they are portable, more malleable, and impervious to damage. Besides, there are some rigs designed in a way the water isn’t needed. However, it’s recommended to use the classic variant — with water. Why? Just because an extremely high temperature is needed to heat up the marijuana concentrates that makes the hit be unpalatable without being cooled plus filtered through the water.

The nail

It’s a crucial part of the rig that requires increased focus on. Actually, the nail is as important as the rig. Just imagine, this part of the rig is continuously heated/reheated, removed/replaced, and so on. The success of your dabbing depends much on the quality of the nail used.

Today you’re free to pick from 4 types of nails with their own advantages on offer. So, you can use glass, quartz nail, or ceramic, or titanium one. The latter is the most preferable because it gets hot quicker and keeps the needed temperature longer.

The torch

Some heat is needed for dabbing. And, commonly, it's where the torch is required. It's used to heat up the wax/oil/extract up to a vapor point. Usually, butane torches work best. If you’re a novice with dabbing, it’s recommended to pick smaller torches and with a manageable flame provided.

Can I use cannabis flowers instead of concentrates for dabbing?
Make sure that the dab rig you choose supports the option. Yes, there are some rigs that are suitable for consuming not only wax/oil/extracts but cannabis flowers as well. Yet, in this case, you need to control the heat even more carefully.
Are the effects of dabbing stronger than other ways of weed consumption?
Actually, the effects depend on the strains used and the rate of THC and CBD contained in it.
Are there any alternatives to torch for dabbing?
Of course, feel free to use e-nails, a stove, bowl, or even health stones. However, in case the torch is required for dabbing, then it’s better to use either e-nails or the torch because it’s easier to reach and hold the needed temperatures with them.

Guide on the different types of dab rigs to choose from

Today there are plenty of choices. Below you’ll find the quick guide on the best dab rigs available on the market nowadays that will be a perfect suit for regular/everyday consumers and novice. Check them before purchasing the one.

Basic dab rig

If you need a dab rig for everyday use, then this 18-23 centimeter device is what you'd try then. Featured with the water filtering, the basic dab rig ensures smooth and clean hits. It’s the best choice for the first-timers.


electric dab rigs desktopDue to the fact that the torch is an intimidating aspect of dabbing, a lot of consumers, especially the first-timers, look for alternatives. Thus, e-rigs gain popularity among dabbers. The key feature of the electric dab rigs is that no flame is needed. They are powered by batteries and offer the following strong features:

  • Control of the temperature;
  • Ultra-compact design;
  • Easiness of use.

The main drawback is that the rigs of the type are quite expensive and it’s hard to fix them in case something breaks.

Vapor straws or nectar collector

This type of the best dab rigs allows you to consume on the move and are pretty easy to use. All you need for dabbing is to heat one part of the vapor straw/nectar collector and just inhale from the other end. Yes, just like that. And that’s in addition to such advantages as:

  • High portability;
  • Affordability;
  • A smaller torch is needed compared to standard dab rigs.

Recycler dab rig

The highlight of the dab rigs of a type is 2 different chambers with water offered. So that recyclers provide super smooth hits due to doubled water filtration ensured. Besides that, it looks really awesome. However, they are not as easily portable as e-rigs, for example, and expensive enough. So, it suits everyday dabbers more than the first-timers.

Mini rigs

When looking for portable dab rigs suitable for traveling, for example, then you should opt for mini rigs. What’s more, such small rigs preserve the terpenes and flavors much better in comparison with big dab rigs. However, pay attention that mini rigs hold less water so that the smoke/vapor will be hotter on the throat.

Converted bongs

This is another option to give a try. Today many suppliers produce conversational parts so that you can easily adapt a bong into a dab rig. This variant is the best before purchasing for a full dab rig setup.

How to pick the best dab rig that's right for you?

Here is a list of the aspects and criteria to take into consideration when making the final decision and purchasing for a dab rig.


  1. Frequency.
    Don’t chase innovations, shapes, features, or buy the dab rig because your friend has such one. Choose a dab rig that suits your dabbing habits, preferences, and frequency of consumption. Thus, small rigs with tiny pieces don’t suit everyday or frequent usage, because they may be cleaned after each session. Meanwhile, there is no sense to buy a large expensive rig with innovative features you need to pay for, in case you won’t use that so often.
  2. Safety first: high-quality torch is a must.
    In case you’re going to buy a basic dab rig or other types where a torch is required, then prefer a high-quality one to be sure of safety of the session. Cheap torches can break or heat up too fast that can spoil the cannabis materials, flavor, nail, rig, and overall dabbing experience.
  3. Size: the bigger the better.
    Huge, large, medium, small — dab rigs can be of any size. However, dealing with a rig, the more volume the faster the potency and flavor is lost. Actually, small rigs not only have their own advantages like ease-of-use, portability, speed of cooling/condensing back to the cannabis concentrates but are more preferable and cost-effective. So, smaller dab rigs is a smart choice.
  4. Look: find your own style and shape.
    Today there is a wide choice of dab rigs of all possible shapes and made by different companies and artists. Yes, dab rig can be not only a way of weed consumption but a way to show your unique style.

What to mind when choosing a dab rig?

There are at least 3 main factors to mind when picking a dab rig. They are:

  1. Price. The rig prices vary a lot, depending on features, materials, look, designer, and on and on. Today rigs can be a true work of art and be really expensive. If the aesthetic aspect is not the main criteria for you, then pay attention to the features that make a rig work well and provide optimal delivery of cannabis concentrate.
  2. Versatility. Pay attention to the dab rig models that support both cannabis flowers and concentrates to limit the needed equipment for dabbing. That can help you to save money.
  3. Usability. Currently, you can use manual or electric dab rigs (desktop or portable). When dealing with manual devices, the torch is required that can cause some difficulties. Whereas electric dab rigs are more convenient because they have an electric heating element to vaporize the dab.

It’s no secret that there are no similar people when it comes to tastes, convenience, preferences. So, choosing a rig for dabbing, remember that the best dab rig is that meets your demands, making you happy and the consumption smooth and enjoyable. Did you buy a rig or prefer dabbing in Barcelona cannabis clubs? What type of dab rig is your favorite? Share your experience and thoughts in the comments below!

Maria Garcia, Cannabis activist and editor of Cannabis Guide Barcelona


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