The differences of cannabis clubs worldwide

Dreams come true faster if you go towards. And even faster if you use an airplane. As far as you live in a place where cannabis is outlaw, visit other cities that got much luckier in this sense. Stop dreaming of decriminalization — here is toplist of places all over the world, where you can come and enjoy your favourite pastime in a circle of nice and friendly like-minded people.

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Get the highest with a plane

If you already bored of cannabis coffeeshops in Amsterdam, it’s time to open new map points and take a look on other countries on different angle. It’s all about legal things. Advanced governments make concessions, agreeing with rational arguments about the harmlessness of marijuana when it is under control and in sight, not in the shade.

A large selection of activities contributes to the development of an entire ecosystem around the culture of marijuana use. The higher the demand for tourism with interesting accompaniment, the more actively it develops: smoking clubs, canna-tours, educational workshops, cannabis-enhanced yoga, “Pot Portrait” painting classes and dating with people who share your open-minded position.

Cannabis Clubs pay taxes and follow the law. But there is a difference between the clubs in different countries. What is warmly welcomed in one place, can be strictly prohibited in the other one.

Green list: where is cannabis legalized

The trend of recent years is to soften restrictions on cannabis law worldwide. More and more countries gradually relax bans and allow the use of marijuana. At the moment “green list” with legalized recreational and medical cannabis consist of:

  • Uruguay
  • Canada
  • in Georgia and South Africa possession and consumption are ok, but sales outlaw
  • Australian Capital Territory
  • 9 states and territories in USA have authorized the medical and recreational use of cannabis:
    Alaska, Washington, California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Maine, Nevada, Oregon and district of Columbia

List of countries with permitted only medical use

Europe 15 american states Other countries
the Netherlands* Arizona Israel
the United Kingdom Arkansas Australia
Ireland Vermont New Zealand
Norway Hawaii Thailand
Switzerland Delaware Argentina
Luxembourg Illinois Colombia
Germany Connecticut Barbados
Italy Michigan Chile
Portugal Montana Jamaica
Cyprus New Hampshire Peru
Croatia New Jersey Zambia
Greece New Mexico
Lithuania Rhode Island
Czech Republic North Dakota
Poland Florida
North Macedonia

*the sale of cannabis is also tolerated at licensed coffeeshops

Weed clubs worldwide. What to know and where to go

Medical use of cannabis is a fast growing industry. As far as marijuana keep becoming legal in different countries, representatives of the tourism sector respond to demand. This is how all the canna-activities come into sight: not only coffee shops, but marijuana-friendly hotels, weed-themed cooking classes, gardening and growing classes at pot farms, etc. Moreover there is a hard evidence of pot’s safety against the background of alcohol. That’s why a lot of accommodation hosts welcome the cannabis tourists as respectful and happy customers.

But the truth is that social weed phenomenon exists not in every country. Let’s figure out how to find your treasured cozy nest abroad.

Cafe cannabis in Europe

A concept of Cannabis Social Clubs arose in Europe. It was initiated in 2005 by a non-governmental association ENCOD. Their goal was to enable legal cannabis production and distribution for adults. Signs of a canna-club are very specific:

  1. non-commercial basis
  2. closed membership format
  3. professional, collective cultivation
  4. strictly limited volume of marijuana — just enough for personal needs of club members

No wonder that Europe is permanent hotspot for weed travelers. In all the famous Netherlands and in Amsterdam in particular cannabis cafe remains the most common format. Everyone know its famous coffee shops where you can drop in, light up and relax. In the rest of the world you can’t just consump
cannabis in the same place where you bought it. That’s why the generous Universe gives us lounges and clubs as a way to stay within the law and still have an opportunity to enjoy our favorite strains.

Spain has become a priceless pearl with it’s fast proliferation of private cannabis clubs. Only in Barcelona we counted 200+ clubs. Please note that they all are members only. You can’t just show up unannounced and join the party. How to get a cannabis club membership in Barcelona — read in our article.

Switzerland decided to join a new trend in 2016 and allowed launch of pilot cannabis clubs in 4 cities: Bern, Zurich, Basel and Geneva. Main idea was to take control of marijuana use by young people who suffer from serious drug problems. The pilot project allowed to puff the joint legally just for less than 2000 people.

Although in England cannabis remains illegal, anyway organizations like the London Cannabis Club regularly hold their meetups. Hard to believe, but they even organize themed smoke-outs in public places. English social weed clubs also make private dinner parties where the main dish includes marijuana as a special ingredient. A particular feature of British organizations is the active struggle for cannabis legalization.

American dream haze. Smoking clubs on both american continents

In Latin America there is no formal weed clubs or dispensaries, even in Mexico and Columbia with decriminalized personal possession. Buying on the streets has its risks, but sometimes it is the only way. Take the time to study the exact laws of the place where you are going, because prohibitions and punishments vary by location, purchase volumes, and other factors.

Canada as one of the most loyal countries provide the most soft and nice terms for Cannabis Tourism. It even make special “Canna-tourism” Summit at Blue Mountain Resort, Ontario. Canadians have no need in private cannabis club while they already have pot-friendly resorts and hotels, cannabis-tourism companies and plenty activities (golf, yoga, art classes etc)

Marijuana legalization status in the USA photo

Cannabis Social Clubs in USA also known as Cannabis Consumption Clubs. This organisations don’t sale marijuana, but consumption is allowed. Another common type of weed clubs in United States are Cannabis Lounges. This places offer their guests variety of pipes and glass pieces intended for public use. In between different users all tools are sanitizing with alcohol wipes. Depending on exact club or lounge, members get bud for membership donation fee or bring their own joint. Interior usually offers a comfortable and relaxed pastime on couches, with snacks and drinks to enjoy while you take a puff.

As in Europe, american marihuana club or lounge generally open for members only. Local laws can restrict membership with only local residents, so the club should deny any tourists. Be sure that you checked all the rules and figured out details of legal system before showing up.

Almost everywhere in USA it’s illegal to consume cannabis in the same location it’s purchased. Legality of marijuana does not necessarily mean that people are allowed to consume it anywhere they want. Looking ahead, we are waiting for news on the first areas where issuing licenses will allow you to consume and buy cannabis in the same place. Sooner or later we will see the first cannabis restaurant ever.

Is it possible to find smoking club in Asia?

Thailand offers tourists its traditional therapeutic methods, where massage is combined with medical cannabis.
Choosing Asian countries for cannabis tourism, be careful and double check the rules. In some resort points you may be offered to buy weed on the street or even in a cafe, but possession and consumption cannabis outside medical purposes is punishable by law. Club marijuana in european meaning does not present in Asia.

How to prepare for a trip abroad

It’s always a good idea to research a bit before setting out. This will help to avoid unexpected surprises.

Double check the local laws. Even where recreational cannabis is legal, consuming it in public is not.
Research dispensaries, lounges, cannabis clubs in the area you’re planning to travel. In this task, our blog will help you.
Contact local dispensaries or cannabis clubs before arriving.
Prepare few different Payment Methods. In some places they don’t take cash, while others insist on cash only.

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