Cannabis clubs in Barcelona

Definitely, the best way to get weed in Barcelona is to visit one of the social cannabis clubs. This section assists you with the selection of a cannabis club and sending a request for an invitation. You can choose the most liked marijuana club from the catalog, or use a map to find the most appropriate to you by location. Also here you find a brief description of some etiquette basics adopted in best coffeeshops.

The essence of cannabis clubs

Cannabis social clubs are associations, where cannabis is grown and consumed collectively for leisure and social interactions.

  • Cannabis clubs are not-for-profit organizations
  • Coffeeshops in Barcelona are closed organizations with mandatory registration of members
  • It’s an important conditions allowing clubs to stay within a legal framework

Money situation

  • When joining the club you should pay an annual fee for the club’s membership, 20 € as a rule
  • Anything you get on a dispensary is charged separately
  • It’s not common to haggle in clubs
  • 1 gram of weed is worth about 10-18 € depending on the strain
  • Price of extracts and concentrates vary over a wide range and can reach 70 €

5 steps how to join cannabis club in Barcelona

  1. Pick the cannabis club you would like to visit in our catalog or on the map.
  2. Press “Apply for membership” button and fill in the form. Enter the correct name and surname (as it is in your ID). Then you will get an e-mail from the club.
  3. Go to the club, ring the doorbell and show the e-mail you have received to the receptionist.
  4. Show your ID to verify you are a legal adult (18+). Then complete a quick interview to get approved by the club.
  5. Make a payment for your annual membership. Congratulations, now you are a member of the cannabis social club!

When it’s best to come

Every coffeeshop has its own schedule, which you can find in the club’s profile. There’s no need to come outside working hours and ring the doorbell.

Something else to consider is that response to your invitation request can take some time. Usually, it happens within 15 minutes. Make your way to club only after receiving an endorsing message.

Don’t use financial words

As cannabis clubs are nonprofit organizations you’re not supposed to use words related to trading like “buy”, use terms like “get” or “have”, instead of it.

The application can be rejected

Cannabis clubs operate in narrow legal space and under the intense scrutiny of police, which periodically carries out inspections. At this period clubs may not accept new members, so if you get refuse don’t make too much of it. Just choose another club and go there.

Don’t ask further questions

Do not try to communicate with the club by e-mail or phone, they not provide information for non-members. Come personally to the reception desk where you can discuss any issues.

Don’t show off that you are a tourist

Despite there is no explicit prohibition for foreigners to join Barcelona cannabis clubs, Spanish authorities don’t approve of it.

So, there’s no reason to defiantly behave like a tourist: bring luggage, take photos without permission, leave somebody to await you outside.

You should have some control

  • The quality of products on dispensary in Barcelona best cannabis clubs is very, very decent, so be reasonable and don’t get greedy.
  • Especially when you have a deal with concentrates or edibles.

Be cool

  • In most clubs, the relaxed and chill atmosphere prevails.
  • Most probably other club visitors will not appreciate if you start being noisy, speak loud, and behave as you do in a sports bar.

You don’t have to worry about the safety of your personal data, clubs spend substantial funds to storage equipment and approach this issue with a great sense of responsibility. This data will not be disclosed to third parties or the government under no circumstances.

No, you can’t, сannabis сlubs are open only to members. The closed nature of cannabis clubs is one of the key factors that permit сlubs to meet all the requirements of the Spanish Penal Code to operate without breaking the law.

On dispensaries of the most of the clubs, you can find: sensimilla; pre rolls; hashish; vape pens; different types of extracts: rosin, dry, ice, bho; as well as different types of edibles.

How to get to clubs