Space for table games
Good lighting allows comfortable reading and working
Work area and always fast Internet
Large sofas for lounging
Cannabis club lounge
The Super Siberia has a specially designed air ventilation system
Chill-out with poufs and wide sofas
The best place for a quiet meeting with friends

Super Siberia Social Club

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DJ sets
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Live music
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Table games
Annual fee 20€
Carrer de Sepúlveda, 36, 08015 Barcelona
12:00 – 23:00
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Not far from the Plaza de España, near the mountain Montjuïc in the district of Parallel, a new cannabis association called Super Siberia was opened. A unique club atmosphere, a film projection, exhibitions, and a large assortment of CBD in Barcelona – all that is about the association!

Why Siberia?

It is a big mystery why the association is called Super Siberia! The interiors and environment rather remind a nice hotel somewhere in the Philippines or Bali out of the tourist season: full-square sofas, white linen pillows, elephant statues, lots of green plants with huge leaves, natural light, and a few people.

The lighting in the club is worth mentioning separately because it’s very unique and special here. Actually, natural light is a very rare thing to meet in cannabis cafes. The natural light makes Super Siberia a very comfortable place to work during the daytime, and that’s why young entrepreneurs and start-uppers have already grown fond of the club.

Moreover, in the evening, thanks to well-designed artificial lighting, high-quality music, and a gallery with the artworks of modern artists showcased, Super Siberia turns into a real art space.

What will you find here?

Quality assurance. The assortment of marijuana and hashish is not the widest one in Barcelona, but you won't find any weathered weed or seeds in the buds here. And if you're a CBD lover, there is no better place in Barcelona to go: this club offers a really huge choice of both CBD cannabis and oils.

Two main zones:

  • CO-WORKING with large wooden tables, electrical plugs, and a strong Internet connection (though, WiFi is excellent in all zones here).
  • CHILL OUT ZONE with poufs and wide sofas, tables for games, and awesome specific lighting.

There is also a minibar that offers coffee, tea, and cold "soft drinks".

There is a gallery with artworks by modern artists being showcased. The highlight is that some artworks are for sale and others are exclusive works and temporary expositions that are not for sale.

Film projections. The Club also hosts film projections of old and art-house movies in the evenings. Is there anywhere else in Barcelona a place where you can smoke weed and watch films by Fellini or Charlie Chaplin on the big screen?

Table games and books. If you come with friends, you can play poker, Go, Monopoly, or chess. And if you come alone, there are books in English and Spanish to read in the club.

Young educated audience. There are no crowds at the club, it is always clean space and relaxed atmosphere here. Start-uppers, programmers, marketers and entrepreneurs, and other young, ambitious, and business-minded people are fond of the club and create their own creative community here.

Events. Mostly lounge jazz and folk music is played every evening in Super Siberia. What’s more, the club also hosts music concerts and creative events on a regular basis. So that, you can not only enjoy high-quality cannabis but get relax and listen to good music, entertain, and relish interesting performances.

Finally, we have an opportunity to visit a relaxed art space in Barcelona without any snobbery, where you can smoke high-quality marijuana, get inspired, work in a creative atmosphere in the daytime, and hang out with your friends at night.


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