Marijuana and sex

Cannabis... relaxing or stimulating? Is it liberating or inhibiting? Does it create an erotic mood or distract you from intimacy to spiritual thoughts?

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We surveyed regular cannabis users and those who smoke cannabis no more than once a month to answer these questions. Some of our respondents are quoted below. To summarize our findings, it is easier for girls to have an orgasm while smoking, while it is harder for men to finish the process; in avid smokers, marijuana use suppresses sexual desire, while those who smoke occasionally, on the contrary, have an increased libido.

But these are just our findings, let's turn to the scientific data.

FACT 1. Satisfaction during lovemaking increased

Absolutely all empirical studies that have ever been conducted on this topic state: marijuana increases the satisfaction of the sexual act! That is a subjective assessment of the participants, but the percentage of those who say that sex under the cannabis influence is worse is small, ranging from 6 to 15%. Studies measuring objective physical indicators (secretion of lubricant, duration of erection, etc.) show no significant correlation between cannabis use and these indicators.

“Marijuana adds vitality and new sensations to sex and almost any other process and orgasm is no exception. Unfortunately, the body's tolerance grows with regular use, and the intensity of the experience dulls over time. In general, I can't say that marijuana and sex are somehow related, but rather that one doesn't interfere with the other, yet, it doesn't help either.”

Sergio, 36, consumes cannabis daily.

However, some researchers have found that as consumption increases (e.g., more than one joint), the pleasure of sex dulls compared to the sensation after smoking a moderate amount.

“You don't want any activity after marijuana, so you want to make love slowly, gently, lazily.”

Michelle, 27, consumes cannabis daily.

Lovers combining sex and marijuana use

FACT 2. Increased sexual desire

A study of more than 50,000 people found that those who consumed marijuana at least once in a four-week period had sex more often during those weeks than those who did not consume cannabis.

“I want to sleep after consuming marijuana and don't think about sex, but my partner does the opposite. He's always horny after smoking weed…”

Alina, 22 years old, consumes cannabis no more than one time per month.

However, the long-term effects of marijuana on male potency remain a big question mark. There are studies that confirm that regular and active use of marijuana reduces testosterone levels in men. In addition, active cannabis use slows down sperm activity and thus reduces the possibility of fertility in women.

FACT 3. Cannabis and orgasms

The effect of cannabis on the strength of orgasm is equivocal, but it does increase the possibility of reaching orgasm with a partner simultaneously.

Different studies give different estimates of the effect of cannabis on the strength and vividness of orgasm. For example, some medical experiments suggest that up to 70% of cannabis users experience a more vivid orgasm under its influence. However, there are other studies that show that men cum harder under cannabis and women cum easier (there is a hypothesis that this is due to the psychological liberation of women and the physical relaxation of men). At the same time, most researchers agree that smoking a subjectively large amount of marijuana (more than usual) leads to difficulties with orgasm.

"I always have a desire for women and get aroused no matter how much I smoke, but if you still smoke too much, then during sex, I get distracted by extraneous thoughts that have nothing to do with sex... And then it's hard to get back to reality and come".

David, 19, consumes cannabis almost every day.

A new study published by U.S. scientists in 2023 claims that under the influence of cannabis, women orgasm more often and faster, while men cum more slowly, bringing them closer to the coveted co-orgasm.

“My first orgasm happened after I tried a cannabis oil muffin for the first time. Never before! Even when I smoked weed. Now the 'magical' baked goods are the best foreplay for me”.

Clara, 37, consumes cannabis once a week.

Draw your own conclusions! It seems to us that sex and moderate marijuana use make a pretty good tandem.

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