What should be the best cannabis club in Barcelona?

It is not easy to find the best places in Barcelona to smoke weed but with our tips, you could discover what would be better for you.

What is the best cannabis club in Barcelona?

There are a lot of best cannabis clubs for any taste in this city now, but everyone wants to know where are the best places in Barcelona to smoke weed, how to find them and what you have to look for. The first thing that needs to be said is that associations were created to unite people together who have the same interests and it is not only marijuana but also things that it is possible to do together. Therefore there are so many options and details in every best cannabis club and in this article we will see the main things that you have to pay your attention to with some tips.

How to register in marijuana clubs?

One should note here that in a good coffeeshop you would need to show your ID when you apply for an invite, it is a state law. If no one asks about your documents it means that you are in an illegal club and if the police come you might have a problem. So it is better to go to a legal place with good quality marijuana and safety. Best cannabis club Barcelona never has street promoters, thus a good sign is if they asked your ID at the club.


Best coffee shops are taking care of the atmosphere and design: it is important to be unique with the things that make you different from other places. Owners try to create a comfortable weed smoke lounge zone with graffiti at the walls, nice music, and other details. The design at Casanova CoffeeShop was inspired by comics and cartoons, there are a lot of details and its famous for it.

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Doubtless, it is one of the main things at the place where people are smoking marijuana. Clear that all want to spend time in the best club and good atmosphere but also without staying in the cloud of smoke. The second reason for having clean air is our pets because some places are dog friendly and that’s why with their sensitive respiratory system it is very important.


In the place of consuming cannabis, having different kinds of games is super important. People usually come there to spend a good time with friends so the best option is to play board games or computer games. However one of the popular games which you can find at the association is the billiard, for example at the Viladomat Cannabis Club. As for computer games, they are almost at any club (like also the board games).

Sports broadcast

You know that in Spain people are crazy about sports activities especially football and one of the most popular things that you can do in a cannabis club is to watch sports broadcasts. There are always one or two big screens with a good sound system and there are a lot of people who choose to go to a cannabis club instead of the bar to watch games. It is difficult to find a better place to hang out with friends and watch any sport on the TV especially football.


As a member of a huge community, you can expect that your experience at the club will be not only with smoking marijuana but also with some activities. Don’t forget that it is a social club so people come here to hang out and to do the things that they like with a friendly atmosphere. Membership allows you to do a lot of things for example lessons of yoga or chess, live DJ sessions, and concerts, language classes. Every cannabis club has its activities and everyone could find the things that they like.

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One should not forget that associations were made to reunite people with the same interests so obviously, some important holidays could be celebrated in these places. For example Halloween parties, Christmas, local parties and others. Every club has his celebration of Birthday and some special days, for example, Day of Marijuana in April, etc.


The thing that could be interesting and important is that the farther from the center the club is located, the more local people are the members of the place. So if you need fewer tourists and want to be in a reay Spanish atmosphere to see how real people are chilling you can choose for example La Maquinista Cannabis Club which stays not in the center of the city and that’s why there are a lot of Spanish people who just playing billiard, watching football and having fun together. You will not meet there tourists and people who just travel and stop for a while that’s why it is interesting to join the local community, to see the culture and spend time with them.


Usually, all the people who are working in the clubs speak different languages, and it is a good sign that they can communicate with a lot of people, that means this place is very friendly to all. You can choose the association also with this characteristic to feel comfortable speaking with your language. Also, it is good to leave reviews to help other people to find their best cannabis club.


We are not talking about car parking but for people who use bikes or electric scooters, it could be the main option when they want to choose the best cannabis club. Not every place has it but most of them provide an area for parking. Also sometimes during your visit, you may need space for bags somewhere when you stay inside. Born Marijuana Club has an area for all the things that you need to leave during the time that you will spend inside the club.

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Dogs and cannabis clubs

In Barcelona people are in love with dogs, sometimes it seems that they prefer dogs to other people. Therefore it is important to have an opportunity to spend more time with your best friend in a place which you like a lot. Some cannabis clubs give this opportunity to their members. For example, in some places, it is very comfortable to come to work with the laptop so you can spend time with your dog, work a little and also have a good joint with marijuana. All these things it is possible to do at the Cannabis Club Raval, because this place is dog friendly and also with a lot of space to sit with the laptop at the comfortable tables.


All the places have some merch but usually, in the description, you can see what exactly they have. In some clubs, you can find clothes, at others some special stuff for smoking weed. Anyway, every association has something special so whatever you will choose you will find interesting things for yourself.


There are a lot of marijuana clubs in Barcelona, so it is possible to choose any of them depending on the location. It could be closer to Plaza Catalunya which stays in the center of the city or near the shopping center La Maquinista. It is not possible to say that the best cannabis clubs stay in the center, it is not true. There are a lot of them all around the city so you can find the most comfortable location for you.


Where do you want to spend your time: in a big club with a lot of activities or at the small place where you will feel cozy like you came at your friend’s house. According to your desire, you could choose a big place like Viladomat Cannabis Club which is divided into 3 parts with billiard and 2 big screens for football games or not big but super stylish and nice Casanova CoffeeShop.

To conclude, one can say that our guide was created for you to understand how many options you may have at the moment when you want to choose where to go. It all depends on your taste and the things that you need. There are no best of the best cannabis clubs because everyone has his taste and wishes. For someone the most important thing is an opportunity to come with a dog, for another person – DJ sessions and board games, someone just wants to come to play billiard or watch the football broadcast. At our website, you can find the best for yourself.